Interview with Paramedic Expert Witness

An interview with our Expert Witness Malcolm Tallis

Join us as we interview a panel member, Paramedic Expert Witness Malcolm Tallis.

Malcolm Tallis is a Paramedic and Clinical Team Mentor for West Midlands Ambulance Service. He has 18 years of experience in prehospital care, alongside 12 years of mentoring students to become paramedics.

Thank you for speaking to us. Could you please tell us a little about your medical background?

I started in the West Midlands Ambulance Service in August 2004 and qualified as an Ambulance Technician. This is a role I had for around five years, before studying a Foundation Degree in Paramedic Science at Birmingham City University. I was part of the first cohort of students to study a two-year course in 32 weeks, 16 of which were out on an ambulance. It was an exceptionally tough process but furnished me with the skills I use today as a paramedic.

Later on in my career, I topped up the degree to a BSc(Hons) Emergency Practice where I was fortunate to be awarded a first. This gave me good knowledge of minor injuries and illnesses and allowed me to work at a Minor Injuries Unit as an Emergency Care Practitioner for around two years.

What made you choose to work in Paramedic science?

Prior to working for West Midlands Ambulance Service, I was a Police Office for West Midlands Police Service.  It was then I realised that my skill set was more aligned with the ambulance service and so I applied and was fortunate to be given employment. It was not until I was within the ambulance service that I realised how much I enjoy pre-hospital medicine.  

This enjoyment gave me to confidence to apply for the role of Clinical Team Mentor. Within this role I work with students throughout their degree and sign their final declaration to become a paramedic. The role allows me to work with existing members of staff to ensure they are working to achieve best quality healthcare and undertake case reviews when a concern has been raised.  

I note that you have a qualification/special interest in law can you tell us a little about this?

I have a special interest in the law surrounding paramedic science a pre-hospital care.  The short title of my LLM Medical Law and Ethics dissertation was ‘Do we need an Ambulance Act’, as there is no Act of Parliament for the ambulance service within the United Kingdom. 

My research allowed me to investigate the legal side of the ambulance and pre-hospital care services and compare this to the legislation for the fire and police services. Currently my dissertation is with my MP with the hope of it being discussed in Parliament.

Why would an expert witness report in Paramedic science be needed?

Just like other areas that may require an expert statement, a paramedic science report would be needed when a person has interacted with the ambulance service, or medical person up to the level of a paramedic and something may have gone wrong in the prehospital arena.   

What attracted you to writing expert witness reports? And how did you obtain the qualification/accreditation to do so?

I have been surrounded by the legal world throughout my life and so developed a keen interest in the law, especially as I was a police officer.  I was attracted to writing expert witness reports so I could best educate the court with any cases that involve ambulance workers. 

Due to the type of work a ambulance workers do, it cannot always be pre-scripted what to do in a certain situation.  I hope to be able to assist the courts to make an educated and informed decision about any cases involving ambulance workers.  

Working for a year as an investigations officer allowed me to hone my report writing skills to a level the courts would expect as they could be used as evidence.  This gave be the knowledge and confidence to undertake expert witness work.

Interview with Paramedic Witness Malcolm Tallis

Malcolm Tallis is a Paramedic and Clinical Team Mentor for West Midlands Ambulance Service.  He has 18 years experience within prehospital care, with 12 years of mentoring students to become paramedics.  He completed one year as an investigations officer, investigating serious incidents.

Instructing Mr Malcolm Tallis

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