Exploring the role of a dental malpractice expert witness

Dental malpractice expert witness

Dental negligence cases can cause terrible pain and suffering, requiring a patient to seek compensation in order to cover the cost of repairing the damage and associated medical expenses. Claimants may have also lost income due to being unable to work. And on the other side, dental practices and their insurers often find themselves defending claims that are false or highly exaggerated. Negligence claims are often followed by a General Dental Council (GDC) hearing, in which the Council has to understand what happened and the practitioner requires the information they need to defend their position. In both scenarios, the role of the dental malpractice expert witness is invaluable.

dental malpractice expert witness case

Dental negligence claims

Expert witnesses can provide answers to the following questions in a dental negligence claim:

  • Was a correct, appropriate, and thorough patient assessment been performed to ensure that the correct treatment was provided?
  • Did the dental practitioner miss crucial signs of gum disease or teeth problems that resulted in damage to the Claimant?
  • Was proper planning and preparation put in place for treatments and/or surgery?
  • Did the dental practitioner carry out the treatment and/or surgery with the care and skill of an ordinary practitioner with the same qualifications, experience, who was faced with similar circumstances?

Dental negligence claims cover a broad range of treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic procedures, and crown and bridgework. A dental expert witness can examine the circumstances of the claim, explain technical and medical terms, and provide the information the Court needs to make a decision.

General Dental Council fitness to practice hearings

Expert witnesses who focus on dental malpractice are often called on to support the GDC or to provide evidence on behalf of dental professionals appearing before them. Dental practitioners and their Counsel along with the GDC engage dental expert witnesses to analyse facts and provide evidence and reports. In cases where evidence exists that may prove negligence or breach of conduct, performance, or ethics, a dental malpractice expert, who is usually a qualified dentist, can use their background to determine causation, connection, and responsibility.

How we can help with dental malpractice expert evidence and reports

At Expert Court Reports, we have highly qualified, experienced dentists on our panel. This means we can offer clients with expert evidence and reports covering the full range of dental malpractice claims including implants, cosmetic surgery, periodontal disease treatment, minor oral surgery, cosmetic orthodontics (straightening), and facial aesthetics.

Aside from the quality of our reports and the depth of knowledge we have on all matters involving dental malpractice, we are also highly recommended because of the speed we can put reports together whilst maintaining meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, our experts are committed to using plain language to endure everyone involved in the claim or GDC hearing understands any technical and medical terms being used.

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