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A Dental expert witness you can trust

It is often said that there are two sides to every story and this is true in any dental dispute, which is why a dental expert witness can be useful in order to assess any evidence and establish the facts.

Why use a dental expert witness?

Be it a personal injury claim, clinical negligence allegation or a Fitness to Practise hearing, a dental malpractice expert witness, will have the right level of knowledge and expertise to look at any evidence presented to them and make an independent and impartial assessment of the facts.

Although the overall outcome of any case will be down to the court or panel, the expert witness will be considered an experienced and respected source of knowledge to be drawn upon and their evidence will be held in high regard when the decision is made. Their expert knowledge is also important when deciding on the level of damages to be awarded.

Dental Expert Witness

Who might call upon the services of a dental expert?

  • The General Dental Council (GDC) in a Fitness to Practise Hearing
  • The Police, a barrister or a solicitor in a criminal trial
  • A dentist facing allegations of clinical negligence or dental malpractice
  • Patients who feel they have not been treated appropriately and are looking to bring damages against a dentist
  • Insurance companies or indemnifiers

Our dental experts

We have several experienced dental experts on our panel, you can view their profiles by using the following link – Dental experts.

Why use Expert Court Reports?

Industry professionals

Whatever your reason for needing an expert witness, it is important to know that those you instruct will understand the professional landscape you work within. Expert Court Reports is run by medical professionals, meaning we understand fully the healthcare system of the UK.

With this knowledge, we are well placed to assist any party that instructs us. Whether it is a defendant who faces the typical stresses and strains of any healthcare professional, or a claimant who may be navigating the regulatory landscape for the first time, we are able to offer advice and provide our expert opinion in a professional yet sensitive manner

All of our experts are fully trained and well respected in their speciality and will use their knowledge to look in detail at the evidence presented to them and provide a thorough report on the facts.

Quick turn around

Any case requiring an expert witness is likely to be stressful for both defendant and claimant and so we understand the desire to get the matter resolved quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, in some cases, the opinion of an expert may be needed as a matter of urgency.

We often work with busy professionals who trust that when they instruct us, we can act upon it straight away with minimal input from them.

With this in mind, we provide a quick turn around on reports wherever possible. Typically we aim to provide an expert report within two weeks following the assessment or consideration of the papers.

Looking for an expert witness?

If you are looking for a dental expert witness, please get in touch by calling 01865 587 865 or you can email and we will be happy to help.

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