Submit an expert witness invoice

Submit an expert witness invoice

If you have received a purchase order, you will have been directed to this page to generate an invoice to Expert Court Reports Ltd.  Completing the simple form below will generate, and submit an expert witness invoice on your behalf.  The resulting invoice will automatically register on our accounting system.  The form also provides the important role of verifying your bank account number and sort code before each BACS payment is made.

Even though our purchase order tells us what you need to be paid, we have to account every payment we make against an invoice.  It is important that we adhere strictly to this policy because undertaking work as an associate of a company requires that your off-payroll working (IR35) is propetly accounted.

Do I need to complete this form if I already create my own invoices?

You may already generate invoices from your own accounting software.  However, we require all experts to complete the following form to comply with our accounting protocol.  If you do create your own invoices and would like to include this with your responses, you may upload it as additional information.

What if I have a question?

If you have any questions about this form, please contact us at or by calling 01865 587865.  If you would rather that we called you, please

Request a call