Ms Sarah Lyons

Speech and Language Therapist

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Ms Sarah Lyons

Speech and Language Therapist

Ms Sarah Lyons is an experienced speech and language therapist with particular expertise in providing expert evidence in the context of special educational needs.

Ms Lyons is a highly sought-after speech and language therapist who also specialises in SEN tribunal work and Educational Healthcare Plan Assessments. Working across the UK, she is an expert in many areas of communication difficulties such as Developmental Language Disorders, Autism, Selective Mutism, Downs Syndrome, Speech Delay/Disorder and the therapies and interventions for these. She has built a successful practice which now operates across London in 3 clinics as well as in schools, nurseries and homes.

Having a brother with Down’s Syndrome, she understands the journey many families take. Drawing on her experiences, she likes to help families navigate the support and therapy process – guiding them through the SEN minefield and helping them to ease difficulties.

Speech and language therapy is her passion and she has been privileged to have worked at a senior level in professional bodies such as ASLTIP, RCSLT and the SLT Journal Club to champion best practice in this field.

The SEN tribunal work and Educational Healthcare Plan Assessment reviews and court cases which Ms Lyons has supported have had a 100% success rate for the families involved. In many cases, her assessments and reports have averted the need to go to court and brought a swifter and easier resolution for those families.

Her expertise is regularly sought for SEN Tribunals, where she is called on as an Expert Witness – providing reports and attending court. I also support Educational Healthcare Plan assessments and reviews – providing assessments and reports for:

1. Cases who are applying for an ECH Plan

2. Cases who require a review of their EHC Plan

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