Solicitors and other legal professionals will often require sight of the expert’s CV. We would ask to keep a copy of your CV on file so that we may share this with the instructing party upon their request. For this reason, we would re-format your CV with the contact details of Expert Court Reports Ltd, who will manage all communication on your behalf. It also avoids your personal details being available for misuse. Once the solicitor has considered your CV, we will communicate their intentions with you. If you are instructed, we would liaise with you to arrange the secure delivery of letters and papers, we would arrange the assessment of the subject and we would deal with the delivery of the report. We have templates for the service of reports from Expert Court Reports Ltd to ensure good consistency across our body of expert witnesses. If you have specific layout requirements, we can discuss these with you but would expect for there to be some consistency of style and for your template to be agreed.