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What is a haematology expert witness?

Haematologists are doctors specialising in the assessment and management of diseases of the blood and bone marrow. It encompasses both clinical and laboratory practice and haematologists often contribute to diagnosis and management in other specialties. Clinical care can be delivered in both inpatient and outpatient settings as well as intensive care.

haematology expert witness

How specialist is a haematology expert?

All doctors in haematology must first complete medical school and then two postgraduate years of training as a foundation doctor. Specialty training in haematology generally takes five years. Doctors can apply for specialty training in haematology after completion of a relevant core training programme in internal medicine, acute medicine, or paediatrics.

Haematologists may develop special interests in a wide variety of clinical and laboratory areas, including: 

  • Haemoglobinopathies (genetic disorders affecting haemoglobin)
  • Haemostasis and thrombosis
  • Paediatric haematology
  • Transfusion medicine
  • Haemato-oncology
  • Bone marrow transplantation

Why might you need to instruct an haematology expert witness?

Expert witnesses in haematology may be called to give evidence on any matter which requires specialist knowledge of the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic systems. Their expertise may also be instrumental in cases where another speciality may appear to be primary, for example neurology, oncology, and intensive care medicine.

As with any area of medicine things can go wrong, and often expert witnesses in haematology are instructed in cases of clinical negligence and personal injury. Expert evidence plays a central role in informing the court regarding the relevant standard of care in medical litigation. Expert witnesses are often instructed to provide “quantum reports” to help the court calculate compensation. An example of a case of clinical negligence requiring expert evidence from a haematologist would be the recent case of Pickering v Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [2022]. In this judgment, the judge (Mr Justice Ritchie) had to determine whether the claimant would have avoided suffering a stroke on the basis that, but for the breach of duty of the treating team, she would have received the beneficial effects of treatment with the blood thinning agent Heparin.

Paediatric haematologists may be called to give expert evidence in cases of child protection and clinical negligence in areas of paediatric haematology. This may commonly involve cases of clinical negligence in young patients with blood-related cancers (such as leukaemia), and child protection cases where a child is alleged to have a haematological condition causing easy bruising.

Other incidences where an expert in haematology may be instructed include:

  • Leukaemia
  • Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma
  • Haemophilia & Von Willebrand disease
  • Other clotting disorders
  • Thrombocytopenia & neutropenia
  • Myeloproliferative disorders
  • Bone marrow failure
  • Haematological complications of Down Syndrome
  • Haemoglobinopathies (including thalassaemia & sickle cell disease)
  • Paediatric and neonatal blood transfusion

What experts does Expert Court Reports have?

We have a highly experienced and well-respected haematology expert witness on our panel, Dr Allameddine Allameddine.

Dr Allameddine has been a consultant haematologist since 1994. He has been the Head of Department in Haematology since 2017, the Transfusion Lead and Chair of the Hospital Transfusion Committee for the Pennine Acute Trust since 2012 and the Training Lead for Pathology for one of the largest District General Hospitals in the country.

Dr Allameddine is experienced in providing expert evidence on malignant and non-malignant haematological cases, including bleeding and coagulation issues, transfusion and haematological laboratories.

Why use Expert Court Reports?

A good haematology expert witness should come with years of clinical experience as well as specific competencies to act as an expert witness.  Look for someone who has established expert witness experience.  Our haematology expert Dr Allameddine has many years of clinical practice and established experience of acting as expert witnesses.

How quickly can you provide a report?

At Expert Court Reports Ltd, we understand the pressures of the legal profession.  We recognise that litigation is subject to defined timescales and for this reason, we will be as flexible and accommodating as we are able to be.  However, we pride ourselves on not promising work that cannot be reliably delivered within a given timescale.  The quality of the evidence which is provided by our experts is subject to review and scrutiny.  All expert reports are subject to a detailed and robust proofreading process to ensure that our expert evidence is accurate and expertly formatted.

Instructing an expert witness

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