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What is a neurology expert witness?

A neurologist is a doctor who specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord, and disorders of the nerves and muscles that activate movement and transmit sensations from around the body to the brain. Neurologist expert witnesses are most often instructed to assist in cases where the assessment of the following neurological disorders is required:

Neurologist expert witness
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Dementia
  • Memory disorders
  • Brain injury
  • Developmental disorders
  • Concussion
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraine
  • Multiple sclerosis

Why might you need to instruct a neurologist expert witness?

Neurology expert witness are most commonly instructed to provide expert evidence in civil cases where there are claims of personal injury and clinical negligence, in cases relating to capacity before the Court of Protection, and in criminal proceedings where neurological disorder may have affected a person’s actions at the material time.

What sorts of cases might a neurologist expert witness take on?

In cases of clinical negligence, a neurologist expert witness might be asked to comment on the neurological care of a claimant.  So, for example, if a claim is brought on the basis of alleged misinterpretation of an investigation, such as a CAT (computed axial tomography) scan, an MRI/MRA (magnetic resonance imaging/ magnetic resonance angiography), a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), an EEG (electroencephalography), or an EMG/NVC (electromyography/nerve conduction velocity), a neurologist expert witness may be instructed to establish whether the initial interpretation was negligent.  In cases where failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis led to adverse clinical outcomes, the expert evidence of neurologist expert witnesses is key.

In cases of neurological injury, the injury may arise following an number of events, including:

  • Falls
  • Injuries at work, such as machinery accidents and falling from a height
  • Being hit by a falling object
  • Being involved in a car accident, either as a pedestrian, road user, cyclist, or motorbike rider
  • Assault

In personal injury claims, neurologist expert witnesses are instructed to assess the condition, to establish prognosis, and to comment on causation―or whether the index event contributed to the neurological harm.

Neurologist expert witnesses and criminal proceedings

In criminal proceedings, neurologist expert witnesses may be asked to comment on the effect of neurological disorder at the material time.  A common example is the failure to provide a specimen due to an underlying neurological disorder.  Other examples include the assessment of blackouts, falling asleep at the wheel, and establishing the potential contributory effect of neurological disorder on aggressive and violent behaviour.  More specialist examples include commenting on automatism arising from epilepsy, or epileptic automatism.  Epileptic automatism is an example of ‘insane automatism’.  A defendant who carries out a criminal offence during the course of a seizure may claim insane automatism; in such cases, a neurologist expert witness will be required to give expert evidence on the presence of epilepsy and the effect at the time of the criminal act.

What neurologist experts does Expert Court Reports have?

We have an experienced neurologist expert witness who works on our panel.  Dr Ioannis Mavroudis is an experienced consultant neurologist who has worked in a wide range of clinical and criminal justice settings.  He currently works for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a Consultant Neurologist.  Dr Mavroudis is a member of the Leeds Motor Neurone Disease Team and he also works on the development of the local Functional Neurological Disorders Service.  He has published an impressive number of scientific papers, demonstrating his expertise in his field.

We also have Dr Bhavini Patel, who is an experienced neurologist who has a dual certificated in stroke medicine and neurology. After having trained at The National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital gaining experience in specialist headache management, Dr Patel has now joined the headache team at St George’s, seeing patients with complex migraine and other headache disorders.

Why use Expert Court Reports?

A good neurologist expert witness should come with years’ of neurology practice as well as specific competencies to act as an expert witness.  Look for someone who has established expert witness experience.  All of our experts have established experience of acting as expert witnesses.

How quickly can you provide a report?

At Expert Court Reports Ltd, we understand the pressures of the legal profession.  We recognise that litigation is subject to defined timescales and for this reason, we will be as flexible and accommodating as we are able to be.  However, we pride ourselves on not promising work that cannot be reliably delivered within a given timescale.  The quality of the evidence which is provided by our experts is subject to review and scrutiny.  All expert reports are subject to a detailed and robust proofreading process to ensure that our expert evidence is accurate and expertly formatted.

Instructing our experts

If you would like to find out more about how Dr Ioannis Mavroudis, Dr Vasileios Papavasileiou or Dr Bhavini Patel  can assist in your legal matter, please call us on 01865 587865, email, or request a call by completing our online form.

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