Nursing Experts

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Our nursing experts deliver timely, rigorous, evidence-based assessments to courts and tribunals. We provide an experienced panel of  Experts in the UK who cover a wide range of case types.

Liz Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Registered Nurse
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Miss Esme Blyth
Miss Esme Blyth
Registered Adult Nurse
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Michal Kulasik
Mr Michal Kulasik
Registered Mental Health Nurse
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Tanya Mofett
Mrs Tanya Moffett
Registered Mental Health Nurse and Quality and Compliance Consultant
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Andreea Palcu
Ms Andreea Palcu-Lape
Lead Pain Specialist Nurse
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Sasha Silberman-Hanks
Ms Sasha Silberman-Hanks
Learning Disability Nurse
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Ms Smith
Ms Wendie Smith
Advanced Nurse Practitioner
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