Dr Abduslam Zagud

Country of Origin Expert

Dr Zagud is an asylum and immigration researcher and lecturer with with comprehensive experience on Country of Origin research for Arab States.

Instructing Dr Abduslam Zagud

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Dr Zagud holds research experience on international public law, international human rights law, international relations and immigration law. Dr Zagud takes instructions on Libyan cases.

He maintains his expertise in all legal matters related to Libyan and Arab nationals including cases pertaining to asylum, immigration, family and crime. Dr Zagud writes expert reports on all legal matters as well as nationality matters, languages, blood feuds, honour killing, domestic violence, risk of return and Islamic law.

His expertise centres around the people with whom he shares cultural understanding, languages, religious beliefs, and numerous national characteristics.

Dr Zagud can comment on the following countries –

Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Cases undertaken

Cases undertaken

  • Asylum and Refugee cases for Arab nationals of different countries

Experience of giving evidence

He has 7 years of practical experience as an interpreter and translator in the UK. This expertise aids interaction with Arab people at personal and professional level and helps him stay abreast of various matters through participant observation. Through interpreting expertise, he has become familiar with all types of cases from early stages to decision stage. Translation of documents has aided his knowledge and first-hand handling of all forms of documents from all Arab countries including documents from Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, …

The assessment of cases of Arabs are closely tied to their understanding of Islam and Shari’a, issues he has addressed during his educational and research.

He holds 15 years of research experience for the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Libya. This aids him in understanding all forms of matrimonial, divorce, alimony, dowry, inherence, women’s and children’s rights in marriage and in divorce cases.

He lived and studied for his doctoral degree in Egypt which put him in contact with different nationalities. He is familiar with written and spoken Arabic as well as the Arabic dialects.

In the UK, he has worked as a caseworker in asylum and immigration field. He has 18 months experience in this area of expertise.

The combination of his doctoral qualification and 17 years of practical work experience with Libyans and Arabs as well as with various government organisations in the UK makes him the right expert to write on Arab cases. These skills and expertise create a synergy through his qualifications, work experience and membership of various professional associations.

He takes instructions on all matters related to the Arab nationals in the UK and also internationally.


Dr Zagud is prompt and ready to take instructions on all services he offers as an expert witness. He is regularly instructed to provide expert evidence and ensures good turnaround times.

Qualifications & Professional memberships


  • PhD in General International Law
  • MA. in General International Law
  • BA. in Islamic Shari’a Law and Civil Law
  • DPSI in Law
  • Level 2, Advice, information and guidance


  • Full membership in NRPSI.
  • Full membership in Egyptian international law association.
  • Full membership and Co-founder of Libyan international law association.
  • Full membership in Arab Board.
  • Full membership in Arab center of Human Resources.

Specialist assessments offered

  • Nationality assessments, languages, blood feuds, honour killing, domestic violence, risk of return.
  • Asylum and immigration cases.
  • Human rights cases.
  • Islamic law Issues.


  • Zagud, A. (2015). ‘Torture of Humans: An Analytical Study in the Frame of Islamic Sharia and International Law of Human Rights’. Riyadh: The Law and Economics Library, Al Riyadh, Saudi Kingdom.
  • Zagud, A. (2014). ‘International Relations in the Light of New International System’. Amman: Dar Zahran for Publishing.
  • Zagud, A. (2014b). ‘International Crises Management in the Light of New International System’. Amman: Dar Zahran for Publishing.
  • Zagud, A. (2013). ‘The Way for National Reconciliation and Social Peace in Libya’. Amman: Dar Zahran for Publishing.
  • Zagud, A. (2005). ‘Intellectuals: The Dialectic of Elite or Failure’. Beirut: Dar Al Farabi for Publishing

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