Dr Alexander Kupatadze

Country of Origin Expert - Post-Soviet Eurasia

Dr Kupatadze

Dr Kupatadze is an experienced analyst who provides expert witness services including country of origin and document authentication reports for clients from the countries of post-Soviet Eurasia.

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Dr. Alexander Kupatadze is an internationally recognized expert known for his expertise in the domains of criminality, corruption, and security in the post-Soviet Eurasian region. He possesses an extensive academic background and has worked at prestigious institutions such as King’s College London, Oxford University, and Princeton University. Dr. Kupatadze’s scholarly contributions have been published in top-tier academic journals and have been widely cited by prominent news organizations across the globe.

Experience of giving evidence

Dr Kupatadze is an experienced expert witness in immigration and asylum cases for clients and appellants coming from the countries of former Soviet Union. He has given evidence in numerous cases.

Cases undertaken

Dr Kupatadze has experience of providing country of origin and document authentication reports in various legal proceedings for UK, European and US clients. He is most commonly instructed in the following types of cases:

  • Asylum and immigration cases for the clients hailing from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan
  • Human Trafficking
  • Conflict, terrorism and political or crime-related violence
  • Ethnic and Religious Minorities
  • Document Authentication
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Women and Youth Rights


Dr Kupatadze has published a book entitled Organized crime, political transitions and state formation in post-Soviet Eurasia with Palgrave Macmillan in 2012. He authored many academic articles and book chapters in leading journals of the fields of Criminology and Political Science (Journal of Democracy, British Journal of Political Science, Theoretical Criminology, European Journal of Criminology).

The Conflict in Ukraine and its Impact on Organized Crime and Security – A Snapshot of Key Trends, UNICRI (UN report)

Organized crime, political transitions and state formation in post-Soviet Eurasia, Basing-stoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 (book)

Everything Everywhere All at Once Understanding the Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative on Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML) and Illicit Supply Chains, 2022 (co-authored) (conference paper)

Corruption and illicit tobacco trade in Journal of Illicit Economies and Development, 2021 (peer-reviewed article)

In the Shadow of Conflict: How Emotions and Past Victimization Influence Foreign Policy Attitudes in British Journal of Political Science, 2019 (as co-author) (peer-reviewed article)

Political corruption in Eurasia: intersections with organized crime, state crime and white collar crime in Theoretical Criminology, 19:2, 2015) (peer-reviewed article)


Dr. Kupatadze is known for his prompt handling of requests for country expert reports and document authentication. He is often called upon to provide expert testimony and ensures that he responds quickly to these requests. Dr. Kupatadze is also available to conduct an initial evaluation of cases and legal paperwork. In cases where additional information is needed for expert testimony, he can utilize his proficiency in regional languages to communicate with clients and gather the necessary information.

Qualifications and memberships


  • BA (Hons)
  • MA
  • PhD in International Relations

Professional memberships

  • Member, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime
  • Fellow, High Education Academy of UK

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