Dr Ali Zalme

Country of Origin Expert - Iraq and Iran’s Kurdish area - Western Cities.

Dr Zalme

Dr Ali Zalme is a Country Expert, covering the Kurdish cities of Iraq and Iran.

Instructing Dr Ali Zalme

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Dr Zalme has experience in working and researching for several years with immigrant families, hidden populations, and vulnerable groups i.e., asylum seekers and refugee communities, it has given Dr Zalme the strength, confidence, and insights in this field, as well as his long experience in working as a court interpreter and court adviser. Likewise, his work and experiences in the past 28 years as a freelance writer, researcher, and investigative journalist both inside Iraq and in the diaspora have given him good insights into all aspects of Kurdish studies and depth understanding of social, political, and cultural affairs.

Experience of giving evidence

Dr Zalme has produced  numerous reports to assist the defence and CPS at court proceedings.

Cases undertaken

Dr Zalme has produced reports in the following areas –

  • Immigration tribunal appeals
  • Family preceding (domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse)
  • Rape cases
  • Extremism
  • Modern Slavery
  • Human trafficking
  • Drug and counterfeit tobacco



Dr Zalme has good availability, he requires instruction in advance, and can produce a report within 28 days.

Qualifications and memberships


  • BA Cultural Studies & Sociology 2008
  • MA Intercultural Communications 2011
  • DPSI (Law) diploma 2016
  • PhD Sociology 2018


  • Member of the UWE Research Fellowship
  • Member of the University of Bristol Migration Mobilities Bristol (MMB)
  • Member of the UWE-Bristol Psychosocial Studies Group
  • National Register of Public Service Interpreters
  • Member of the Chartered Linguist -CIOL
  • Member of the Exiled Journalist Network
  • Member of the Sociology Association in KRG

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