Dr Amandeep Singh Ranu

Forensic Physician

Dr Ranu Amandeep

Dr Amadeep Ranu is a UK qualified Registered Medical Practitioner with over 28 years working experience.  He has expertise as a Forensic Physician and regularly provides expert evidence in criminal, civil, family proceedings and in tribunals.  His professional background also includes experience in General Medical Practice and Occupational health.

Instructing Dr Amandeep Ranu

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Holding a foundation membership of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine and a member of the Expert Witness Institute, Dr Ranu has received formal legal and courtroom training and has been awarded the Cardiff University Bond Solon Certificate (Criminal Law) by examination.

Experience of giving evidence

Dr Ranu regularly undertakes work as an expert medical court witness and accepts instruction from the prosecution, defence and regulatory bodies. He has considerable courtroom experience having given expert evidence in court on several hundred occasions.

Cases undertaken

  1. Injury interpretation – Evaluation of causation and degree of force uses and ageing of bruising. Assault and wounding /ABH/GBH/ attempted murder, blunt force injury, sharp force injury including injury from broken glass and fatal and non-fatal knife stab and slash wounds, throttling and ligature strangulation and suicidal hanging, evaluation of self-inflicted injuries (both suicidal and non-suicidal). Evaluation of defence type injuries. Evaluation of bite-mark injuries. Interpretation of road traffic-collision injuries.
  2. Evaluation of physical evidence of torture for the Asylum Courts (scar interpretation reports) in accordance with the Manual on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. (“Istanbul Protocol” 2004).
  3. Evaluation of Non-accidental injury, bruising and other injuries in children
  4. Drink and drug driving cases in which the driver has failed to provide the required specimen of breath, blood or urine for analysis / evaluation of genuine medical excuse for failing to provide. Including the evaluation of needle phobia.
  5. Sexual offence case work in adult cases of vaginal rape, anal rape, oral rape, digital penetration and sexual assault
  6. Sexual offence case work in child cases of vaginal rape, anal rape, oral rape, digital penetration and sexual assault.
  7. Evaluation of injuries sustained by detainees and police officers during arrest / evaluation of use of reasonable force by arresting officers.
  8. Medical negligence – clinical negligence relating to Forensic Medical Examiners and Forensic Nurses working in the police custody environment.
  9. Deaths in custody investigation.


Dr Ranu undertakes medical assessments in consultation rooms in London or alternatively undertake visits to solicitor’s firms or prison or home visits if necessary.  He has considerable flexibility in making the necessary arrangements to attend courts around the country if court attendance proves necessary.

Report submission can usually be expected within 7 to 14 days of receipt of the relevant medical information. Reports can of course be prepared more urgently in accordance with the urgency of court listings.

Qualifications and memberships

MBChB  Manchester Medical School (1993)
DRCOG (April 1997)
DFFP (Oct 1997)
DCH (1998)
Completion of GP vocational training (Sept 1998)
MRCGP [With Merit in Consulting Skills Module] (Dec 1998)
Diploma in Occupational Medicine (May 2002)
Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (Clinical) (Jan 2008)
Membership of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (2008)
Membership of the Expert Witness Institute (Feb 2014)
Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (March 2015)

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