Dr Elizabeth Elliott

Forensic Psychologist

Elizabeth Elliott

Dr Elizabeth Elliott is a highly specialised clinical forensic psychologist who provides expert evidence in criminal and family proceedings.

Instructing Dr Elizabeth Elliott

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Dr Elliott is a HCPC and BPS registered Doctor of Forensic Psychology with an interest and expertise in the assessment of high-risk offenders both in custody and in the community, interrogative suggestibility and criminal culpability. Dr Elliott has gained a significant range of experience practicing in a variety of settings, including secure units, police stations, private practices, courts and prisons. This has afforded Dr Elliott the opportunity to work with a wide range of professional services, to serve clients from a variety of backgrounds and cultures with diverse clinical presentations. She is familiar with a range of forensic assessment tools, including those with a focus on sexual and violent risk, personality and psychopathy, interrogative suggestibility, malingering and cognitive functioning.

Dr Elliott’s experiences have enabled her to acquire an advanced ability to build rapport and retrieve and weigh information provided in clinical interview. Clearly, being able to engage with clients in such fashion that one can gain an accurate picture of their beliefs understandings and motivations is essential if one is to manage and understand risk effectively. This is also important for building and sustaining an open and trusting therapeutic relationship that will enable the client to develop in an adaptive fashion.

Dr Elliott is the Coordinator of the Mental Disorder & Terrorism Working Group and  the Coordinator of the Psychopathy & PCL-R Working Group for South West London St George’s Trust.

Experience of giving evidence

Dr Elliott has completed the accredited Bond Solon Criminal Expert Certificate with Cardiff University. She attends expert witness CPD training and conferences annually. She has provided over 100 expert witness reports on criminal and family/child protection cases, heard before Magistrates, Family and Crown Courts, Mental Health Tribunals, and Parole Boards. Her reports are standardised on data from several sources, including psychometric testing, clinical interview, assessment of personal history and relevant collateral information. These data are used to build a psychological profile, to assist in understanding / explaining aspects of the case.


Elliott, E., & Vollm, B. (2018). The Utility of Post-Conviction Polygraph Testing Among

Sexual Offenders. Sexual Abuse, 30, 367-392.

Elliott, E., Egan, V., & Grubin, D. (2017). A Not So Bogus Pipeline: A Study of the

Bogus Pipeline Effect And Its Implications for Polygraph Testing. Polygraph, 46, 1-9.

Cases Undertaken

Dr Elliott is regularly instructed to provide her expert opinion to the criminal and family courts as well as the Parole Board.

Her work for the criminal courts and the Parole Board typically involve assessments of:

  • Sexual offending
  • Child abuse
  • Violent behaviour offending
  • Arson
  • Terrorism
  • Domestic violence
  • She is experienced in giving opinions about the link between intellectual/personality functioning and offending behaviour, and about risk.
  • Weapon and gang-related offences
  • Drug offences

Her work for the family courts includes:

  • Conducting risk assessments including risk of domestic violence, children(s) exposure to criminality and risk of sexual and non-sexual abuse towards a child.
  • Carrying out psychological assessments to provide an understanding about problem parenting, capacity, ability/readiness for change, and ability/willingness to engage with professional agencies
  • Conducting cognitive assessments and commenting on the effect of intellectual functioning on parenting

Specialist assessments offered

Risk assessments

  • HCR-20 to assess risk of violence
  • PCL-R to assess for psychopathy
  • RSVP (Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol) to assess for risk of sexual violence
  • Terrorist Radicalisation Assessment Protocol/ Trap-19
  • Child Abuse Potential Inventory

Personality and clinical symptom assessments

  • MCMI-IV (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) to assess for clinical syndromes and personality disorder in adults
  • IPDE (International Personality Disorder Examination) to assess for personality disorder in adults


  • Test of Memory Malingering
  • Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms (malingering of psychosis)
  • Paulhus Deception Scales

Intellectual, neurodevelopmental and cognitive assessments

  • WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) to measure cognitive ability in adults
  • The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) assessment


  • Gudjonsson Suggestibility and Compliance Scale

Academic posts

  • Visiting lecturer in Forensic Psychology at King’s College London
  • Supervisor of forensic and clinical doctoral and master’s students

Additional experience

  • Dr Elliott is a trained hostage negotiator
  • Dr Elliott delivers consultancy and training to MAPPA, The National Probation Service and Segregation Units across London
  • Dr Elliott attends the Multi Agency (Lifer) Risk Assessment Panels (MALRAP) and  Imprisonment for public protection (IPP) panels
  • Dr Elliott previously acted as the Prison Safety and Violence Reduction Lead at HMP Wandsworth
  • CASP-R (capacity to protect)


As an experienced psychologist, Dr Elliott has developed her expert witness work over several years.  In addition to working part-time for the National Health Service within secure setting and supervising doctoral trainees she now dedicates on day of her working week to her medicolegal practice.  This means that she has good availability to accept instructions and to provide oral evidence.

Qualifications & Professional memberships

  • BA (Hons) Psychology, D.Foren.Psy in Forensic Psychology
  • Chartered Psychologist (C.Psychol)
  • Full Member of the Division of Forensic Psychology
  • Full Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Health Care Professions Council registered
  • Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate


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