Dr Geraldine D’Souza

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Dr D’Souza has been a consultant psychiatrist for over twelve years. She has extensive experience of working with adults of varying complexity and need.

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Dr D’Souza has over 12 years of experience working as a consultant psychiatrist across both inpatient and community settings. Her particular area of expertise is in Brain injury and Dementia. Dr D’Souza is an independent psychiatrist who provides an outpatient service as well as medico legal reports. She is also a medical member of the first tier tribunal health education and social care chamber and a specialist member of the parole board.

Dr D’Souza has experience in assessing and treating mental disorders in individuals aged 18 years old and over. This includes mood disorders (such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar affective disorder), psychosis, ADHD, PTSD and somatoform disorders. She also has expertise in assessing and treating individuals with neuropsychiatric and cognitive difficulties such as brain injury, memory Impairment and dementia.

Her most recent post was at St. Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton. As a consultant psychiatrist, she has led a highly specialised unit of in-patients within the Neuropsychiatry division, referred from across the UK, with complex and challenging presentations.

Experience of giving evidence

She has  a wealth of medico-legal experience. She has undertaken medico- legal work since 2010. Dr. D’Souza produces comprehensive, high quality reports in a timely manner.

Dr D’Souza has undertaken assessments and provided reports in relation to litigation capacity, assessment of mental capacity for wills and probates, lasting power of attorney and court of protection, parole board assessments and fitness to plead. She has also provided independent reports for mental health tribunals.

She has had training in expert witness report writing and giving oral evidence. She regularly updates her training by attending relevant conferences and is part of a peer group that debates and discusses developments in the field. She has given oral evidence in a Court setting as well as in Mental Health Tribunals and has experience of cross-examination.

Cases undertaken

She undertakes assessments and provide reports in relation to:

  • Fitness to plead
  • Personal injury
  • Testamentary capacity
  • Mental capacity assessments for the court of protection
  • Lasting power of attorney and COP3 Reports
  • Litigation capacity and  mental capacity  to manage finances
  • Independent reports for mental health tribunals.


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Dr D’Souza aims to see clients within 2 weeks of receipt of records, with a competed report returned to the instructing party within 2 weeks of examination

Qualifications and memberships


  • MBBS, 2000, Bangalore University, India.
  • MRCPsych, 2005, Royal college of Psychiatry, UK.
  • PG Dip. in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2009, Birmingham university, UK.
  • CCT, Royal College of Psychiatry, 2010.
  • Post graduate Award in Leadership and Management, Chartered Management Institute, 2012.

Professional memberships and registration

  • Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2005, M.Number. 810016
  • General Medical Council, M.Number: 5208669. Full registration with license to practice on the specialist register.
  • Approved Clinician, Section 12 (2) Mental health Act.
  • Member of Medical Protection Society.

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