Dr Ivo Ngade

Country of Origin Expert - Africa

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Dr Ivo Ngade is an experienced anthropologist who provide Country of Origin information on economic conditions, socio-cultural issues, political political trends, security risks, institutional structures, and reintegration processes, etc.

Instructing Dr Ivo Ngade

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Dr Ivo Ngade is an anthropologist with extensive experience in research and teaching. He has served as an Andrew Mellon postdoctoral researcher at Rhodes University, South Africa, and as a visiting professor of Anthropology and Ethnography in Africa, as well as a visiting professor of Language, Culture, and Society in Africa and a visiting professor of Poverty, Development, and Inequalities in Modern African History at Ghent University, Belgium. Dr Ngade has published a significant number of peer-reviewed journal papers.

Experience of giving evidence

Dr Ivo Ngade has provided more than twenty expert reports to solicitors for asylum cases



Languages spoken

  • English – Fluent
  • French – Fluent

Cases undertaken

Dr Ivo Ngade has undertaken cases related mostly to…

  • Assessment of relocation possibilities
  • Mental health treatment and stigmatization
  • Access to healthcare
  • Rituals
  • Female genital mutilation
  • HIV
  • Gang violence
  • General country knowledge


Ivo, Ngade. 2020. What a “Safe and Dignified” Burial Means During a Pandemic (https://www.sapiens.org/culture/body-snatching-covid-19/ )

Ivo, Ngade. 2020. Ethnomedicinal Practices and Behavioral Changes During Deadly Disease Outbreaks: A Commentary and Lesson from Cameroon (http://somatosphere.net/2020/ethnomedicinal-practices-behavioral-changes-disease-outbreaks-cameroon.html/ )

Ivo Ngade, Merrill Singer, Olivia Marcus, Jose Haseman. 2017. Implications of Changing Attitudes towards Game Meat Consumption at the Time of Ebola in Limbe, Cameroon. Human Organization 76(1):48-58

Ivo Ngade, Merrill, Singer, Olivia, Marcus, Jose, Haseman. Washing Away Ebola: Environmental Stress, Rumor, and Ethnomedical Response in a Deadly Epidemic. 2016. DOI: 10.1002/9781118786949.ch8

Moralising female identity in Cameroon in the 1990s: Female prostitution and the song “you gu cry”. 2014. Enongene, Sone & Ivo Ngade. Muziki 11(2):103–115

Ivo, Ngade. 2011. Bakossi names, naming culture and identity. https://doi.org/10.1080/13696815.2011.637880. Journal of African Cultural Studies 23(2):111 -120

Book Review

Ivo Ngade & Elong Ebolo Eric. 2010. Readings in modernity in Africa. https://sites.clas.ufl.edu/africanquarterly/files/Volume-11-Issue-4.pdf – 2010. AFRICAN STUDIES QUARTERLY . 11(4). p.135-136


Dr Ngade has good availability, he dedicates a few days a week to his medico-legal work and can produce a report in 14-21 working days.

Qualifications and memberships

Qualifications & Professional memberships

  • PhD in African studies
  • Certificate of advanced studies in social and cultural anthropology
  • Masters in cultures and development
  • Member of Gent African Platform
  • Editorial board member of Afrika Focus Journal (BRILL)

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