Dr Thomas Dewhurst

Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy and General Adult Psychiatry

Dr Thomas Dewhurst

Dr Thomas Dewhurst is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy and General Adult Psychiatry. He works in an NHS personality disorders service and has additional interests in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders and trauma, he also has clinical experience of working with young adults with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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Dr Dewhurst is a graduate of the Maudsley Training Programme with a dual CCT in Medical Psychotherapy and General Adult Psychiatry.  His interests include the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic assessment and treatment of complex emotional and behavioural conditions related to mood, anxiety and personality disorders and trauma.  He is an accredited Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) practitioner and Balint Leader.  He has clinical experience working with young adults and students, and alongside his clinical role he is Deputy Lead for Undergraduate Reflective Practice and Psychotherapy at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ School of Medicine.

His psychotherapeutic portfolio includes psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, group therapy, systemic family therapy, and reflective practice.  He is DIT accredited and has experience in a range of treatments for personality disorder including Transference Focused Psychotherapy, Mentalisation Based Treatment and Structured Clinical Management.  He takes efforts to listen to people describe their difficulties in their own words and collaboratively formulate their problems in order to consider what treatment options might best suit their needs, whether psychotherapeutic and/or pharmacological.

Since August 2022, Dr Dewhurst has been the consultant psychiatrist for the Lewisham Personality Disorder Service, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, a tier 3 psychotherapy service for the assessment and treatment of people with severe personality disorders.

Experience of giving evidence

Dr Dewhurst has extensive experience with detailed report writing in his roles as consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist.  He has given evidence during internal proceedings for Serious Untoward Incident investigations.

Cases undertaken

Dr Dewhurst is new to the Expert Court Reports team, having joined in October 2022.

Specialist assessments offered

Dr Dewhurst has extensive experience in assessing, formulating and diagnosing a wide range of psychiatric conditions including psychotic and affective disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma and dissociative disorders, and personality disorders.  Dr Dewhurst has added experience with descriptive psychodynamic formulations to help understand complex psychopathology.

Dr Dewhurst has received specialist training in using the YBOCS for OCD and STIPO-R for personality disorders.

Languages spoken

  • English – Fluent


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Dr Dewhurst is best available in the evenings or at weekends, around his NHS work.  He strives to be punctual and work within short time frames to meet deadlines.  He is agreeable to interviews either via remote video link or face to face.

Qualifications and professional memberships

  • MBBCh
  • MRCPsych
  • DIT Practitioner accreditation via British Psychoanalytic Council
  • Balint Leader accreditation via Balint Society

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