Miss Francisca Serrette

Independent Social Worker

Miss Francisca Serrete

Miss Francisca Serrette is an experienced social worker of 13 years, working within children and families and providing expert evidence in public and private family court proceedings.

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Miss Francisca Serrette is now post-qualified 13 years, having worked as a Social Worker, Senior Social worker, Advanced Practitioner, Assistant Team Manager and Quality Assurance Officer of Residential Centres. She is also has substantial experience as an Independent Social Worker and Business Manager.

Miss Serrette has a wealth of knowledge and experience and the transferrable skills necessary to fulfil any given role. She holds relevant experience of front-line social work, providing supervision, decision making related to threshold and case progression, quality assuring assessments, procurement of services, data analysis, developing and providing training, implementing policy and protocols and chairing various meetings.

As an ISW she has experience of completing a range of assessment both privately commissioned and through Court Order. Miss Serrette also has expertise in a number of areas including CSE, ABE, Court Work, Fostering, CP, CIN, MASH, Pre-birth, MARAC, Referral and Assessment and many others.

Miss Serrette is a true advocate of the need for undertaking good assessments which highlight not only the actual and potential risks, provide measurable outcomes; and assess and advocate family strengths and areas needing additional support; but moreover, venture beyond a benign, descriptive capacity and seek to provide a high level of analysis; that which is understandable and digestible by the client in order that the role of the Practitioner, Local Authority and multi-agency be understood and therefore fully engaged with by those we seek to support.

In addition, although she believes in the importance of identifying ‘Risks Factors’ to begin to understand familial needs, assess risk and evaluate the potential safeguarding trajectory; Miss Serrette finds these can become generic and ambiguous. Therefore, she has found that good practice lies in truly engaging a client to gain a thorough understanding of not only these superimposed ‘Risk Factors’, but more importantly their derivation.

Miss Serrette believes that through true analytical work Practitioners can provide a bespoke and individualised service, thus creating greater long-term positive outcomes that go beyond addressing the immediate and can address the issue at its core and stop it being displaced into other areas within the parent’s life; thereby generating much safer outcomes for children and families.

Experience of giving evidence

Miss Serrette has been working as an Independent Social Worker, giving evidence as an expert witness as well as completing expert witness reports since 2014. Therefore, she has a total of 9 years expertise in this field.

Cases undertaken

  • Housing matters
  • Family proceedings
  • Immigration matters
  • Public Law Procedures
  • Historical Social Services Litigation

Specialist assessments offered

  • CSE Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Parenting Assessment
  • Age Assessment


  • Step in to Study Counselling and Psychotherapy (4th ed): A student’s guide to tackling training and course assignments.


Miss Serrette is available to undertake assessments  either face to face assessment and virtual assessments. She is happy to assess in a client’s own home and also am happy to travel to the individual being assessed. Miss Serrette can complete a report within 14 working days following interview and can, when needed, undertake assessments within a prison setting.

Qualifications and memberships


  • Social Work BA (Hons) 2:1
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Child and Family
  • PG Cert in Counselling and Psychotherapy


  • British Association of Social Workers
  • Social Work England

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