Miss Jordan Pugh

Independent Social Worker

Jordan Pugh

Miss Jordan Pugh is an experienced social worker who provides expert evidence in family proceedings with vast experience in areas of child protection and kinship/ fostering.

Instructing Miss Jordan Pugh

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Miss Jordan Pugh is a confident, hard-working and dynamic social worker. She has 7 years’ experience of working in child and family services within Swansea Local Authority. She has worked in frontline child protection for 5 years before moving to the family fostering team two years ago. Miss Pugh has a sound knowledge base of legislation, policy, theory and practice and have evidenced over time how my skills are transferable, she also prides herself in being a great team player, keen to learn and try new ways of working, being down to earth and transparent. She has always worked under the signs of safety methodology and as such her work is based on solutions focused and strengths based practice. She works very well under pressure and is competent in assessing and analysing risk. Miss Pugh’s preferred type of work is within the court arena carrying out parenting assessments and giving evidence.

During her 5 year practice in frontline child and family services, she carried out a wealth of parenting assessments both within the public law outline and within the court arena. These assessments included specific issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental health issues, neglect, poor home conditions, sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. Miss Pugh covers all aspects of the child’s needs, the type of parenting that they require, their styles of attachment and their future outcomes. She is confident in her risk analysis skills within these areas and have prepared thorough, robust reports for the local authority and for the court.

During her 2 years within the family and friends fostering team, she also carried out many viability assessments, connected persons assessments and SGO assessments. These assessments included specific issues such as previous or current drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, previous parenting deficits, issues with criminal history and mental health issues.

Experience of giving evidence

Miss Pugh has been giving evidence in court in respect of my assessments for around 6 years and have these have centred around Private Law assessments of children and adults, Public Law assessments of children and adults, Family fostering assessments and Special Guardianship assessments.

Cases undertaken

Assessments of Adults and Children

  • SGO assessment
  • Viability assessment
  • Connected persons assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Parenting assessment

Miss Pugh has vast experience in assessing the following areas;

  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect
  • Physical and emotional abuse
  • Poor home conditions
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental health issues


Miss Pugh dedicated a couple of days a week to her medicolegal work, she is able to undertake both face to face and video link assessments.

Qualifications and memberships


  • BSc Hons Social Work – 2016
  • Graduate Certificate in Consolidation of Social Work Practice – 2018
  • Practice Assessor Award – 2020


  • Social Care Wales Membership Number W/5002148
  • BASW Membership Number 159532

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