Mr George Dimitrov

Forensic Psychologist

Mr Dimitrov

Mr George Dimitrov is a well experienced forensic psychologist who provides overall ADHD, autism, cognitive and risk assessments and related expert evidence in criminal, Parole Board, civil and family proceedings.

Instructing Mr George Dimitrov

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George is a highly specialist forensic psychologist with overall experience working with adults in private settings and HMPS. His experience includes working with individuals presenting complex mental health needs among which gender issues, PTSD, autism, personality disorders (EUPD and etc.), depression and anxiety, panic attacks and others in intensive care, acute and rehabilitation units.

Mr Dimitrov is currently based in Birmingham working at a 24-bedded high dependency rehabilitation unit for female service users with complex mental health needs, including bipolar and personality disorders (EUPD and others), schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and others. Some of them present co-morbid conditions such as mild learning disabilities, ASD, PTSDs, alcohol and drug use, family / relationship issues. George is responsible for regularly supervising the assistant psychologists’ (one is a permanent staff member) work, providing reflective practice sessions with the staff, individual psychology work with the patients (assessment, psychotherapy and etc).

Experience of giving evidence

George graduated in 2002. He has been undertaking expert witness work since then on a variety of proceeding matters.


Languages spoken

  • Bulgarian – fluent, assessments can be undertaken in Bulgarian.
  • Russian – nearly fluent, assessments can be undertaken in Russian.
  • English – fluent, assessments can be undertaken in English.

Cases undertaken

  • Risk of domestic violence
  • General violence and sexual violence risk
  • Parole board reviews
  • Personal injury cases
  • Mental health needs
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Cognitive (IQ) assessment
  • Clinical negligence
  • Asylum matters
  • Bipolar and personality disorders (EUPD and others)
  • PTSD
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Family
  • Relationship issues

Specialist assessments offered

  • HCR-20v3 for assessing and managing risk of violence
  • SVR-20 – risk of sexual violence
  • SARA-3 – spousal assault risk assessment
  • WAIS-IV – for assessing cognitive functioning
  • ADI-R and ADOS-2 – for autism assessment


Mr Dimitrov has more than 20 conference reports and articles published in UK professional journals and in abroad. Among more essentials of those are:

  • Psychotherapy in Pandemic Time. Suggestibility. (2021) – Second International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference “Trends and Prospects of the Development of Psychology and Social Work in the Modern Society”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • What is Psychological Trance? (2021) – Second International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference “Trends and Prospects of the Development of Psychology and Social Work in the Modern Society”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • Hypnosis and Me (2021) – Healthcare. Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal – January, Vol.21, No.1, p.26-27
  • The Meaning of Catharsis in Terms of Hypnotherapy (2020) – The Hypnotherapist – December, pp. 8-12
  • Therapeutic and Investigative Hypnosis (2015) The Hypnotherapist – March, Spring Issue, pp.16-24
  • The Power of Terror (2009) Geo international magazine. Bulgaria – Vol. 4: pp. 96 – 10
  • Training – quality increasing of the behaviour and the communications skills of the inspectors in their work time”. (2007) Trakia University – Stara Zagora City, Bulgaria. The training was provided by me as part of a whole education titled “Monitoring, Control and tutoring of aquacultures”
  • Negotiating with Suicide Intending People and Terrorists. (2006) A five days’ course provided by the Ministry of Interior
  • Characteristics of the Paedophile. (2006) It was a workshop in 4 hours, provided by me as a psychologist from Government department. The audience consisted of about 100 policemen
  • Hypnosis and Some Abilities of using it in the Court Trial. (2006) – Third National Conference on Psychology with international participation “Personality. Social area. Activity”. South-West University – Blagoevgrad City, Bulgaria
  • Some Mechanisms Leading to Criminal Behaviour. (2006) – First Balkan meeting of young psychologists. South-West University. Blagoevgrad City, Bulgaria
  • “Some Psychological Aspects of Interrogation in Pre-Trial Proceeding. (2005) – Third National Congress of Psychology. Sofia University. Sofia City, Bulgaria
  • Hypnosis Could Be Very Useful in Obtaining of Witness Testimonies (2011) Bulgarian Juridical Magazine Legal World – Vol.6: pp. 36 – 41
  • Psychosomatic and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The Hypnotherapist – Summer Issue. June, 2019, pp12-17
  • The Stigma of Burnout. Is Burnout the Interpreter’s Curse? How to Avoid, Identify and Cope With it When it Happens? The Linguist – Vol.57, No.2, 2018, p.28-29
  • Poor School Performance – Can Hypnotherapy Help? The Hypnotherapist – Winter Issue. December, 2016, pp.21-24
  • Psychosomatic Illnesses and Control Pain with Self Hypnosis – Part 2. The Hypnotherapist – Spring Issue. March, 2016, pp.5-10
  • How Can We Relieve Psychosomatic Illnesses and Control Pain with Self Hypnosis? The Hypnotherapist – Winter Issue. December, 2015, pp.5-9
  • Stress and Life Experience (2010) Geo international magazine. Bulgaria – Vol. 10: pp. 92 – 97
  • Stress and Personal Crisis (2007) Institute of Psychology – Ministry of Interior. Sofia, Bulgaria. 35th Anniversary almanac: pp. 82 – 93

George is also author of the book ‘A look at hypnosis. Mysteries and reality’. (2012)


Mr Dimitrov is able to travel all over the UK to undertake both face-to-face and remote assessments. He can submit his report 3 weeks following the assessment.

Qualifications and professional memberships


  • MA 2002
  • Specialisation in Applied psychology
  • Currently a PhD student


  • Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Member of the American Psychological Association

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