Mr Shantanu Mohan Puri

Advocate/Lawyer specialising in Laws and Society in India


Shantanu Mohan Puri is a bilingual lawyer and a recognised expert witness in Indian law(s), who specializes in Law(s) and Society in India. He has over 23 years of working and practicing law in India.

Instructing Mr Puri

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Shantanu Mohan Puri, a bilingual lawyer and a recognised expert witness in Indian law(s), who specializes in Law(s) and Society in India. His varied experience includes rendering expert opinions on issues involving Indian Citizenship and Nationality Law, Indian Family Law including:

  • marriage and divorce
  • adoption
  • child custody
  • surrogacy, and other Civil and Criminal law(s).

He is engaged also, among other issues, with respect to gender prejudice and treatment:

  • Political persecution and violence due to political ideologies
  • treatment of Muslims and other minorities
  • honor killings
  • Domestic violence
  • child and human trafficking
  • modern day slavery and child labour
  • safety of women, possibilities of internal relocation in India.

Mr. Puri is also proficient in alternative dispute resolution and investment laws both of which he pursues due to his interest in these two areas. He possesses exceptional research, writing, and presentation skills. He excels in diverse and demanding environments, and adeptly handles multiple tasks.

Mr. Shantanu Mohan Puri, an accomplished country expert in Indian laws, possesses an extensive and diverse portfolio of experience spanning over 23 years of working and practicing law in India. He has provided expert opinions to various international entities on matters involving Indian law(s), facilitated prison-related work for foreign missions in Delhi, and offered legal opinions on diverse issues involving foreign nationals facing legal proceedings in India. With a comprehensive understanding of Indian law(s) and their implementation in India he has a sound understanding of the working of the judicial system and Government in India. Empanelled with several foreign missions in New Delhi, Mr. Puri has closely collaborated with various embassies, providing extensive expert evidence on a wide range of legal matters:

  • including immigration
  • religious discrimination
  • asylum
  • family law
  • and the status of women and children in India.


Experience of giving evidence

Mr. Puri has been undertaking expert witness work, since 2002 and thus has testified in cases where he has had to support his report with a court testimony.


Languages spoken

  • English – Fluent
  • Hindi – Fluent
  • Punjabi – Fluent
  • German – Basic
  • French – Basic

Case undertaken

The cases and expertise areas can be categorized into several broader themes:

Legal Expertise Related to Indian Laws:

  • Civil, Corporate, and Criminal matters before Indian courts,
  • Expert opinions for foreign courts, law firms, and companies on Indian Law,
  • Prison-related work for foreign missions in Delhi,
  • Legal opinions for foreign missions concerning their nationals facing legal proceedings in India,
  • Due diligence on land acquisition and consolidation for foreign companies in India.

Assisting Foreign Nationals:

  • Advising foreign nationals on various legal proceedings under Indian laws,
  • Providing opinions on immigration, residence permits, and investment-related matters,
  • Expert evidence on various scenarios involving foreign nationals in India.

Human Rights, Discrimination, and Asylum Issues:

  • Expert evidence on honor killings, religious discrimination, and treatment of minorities,
  • Evaluating risks and obstacles faced by individuals seeking asylum or dealing with discrimination in India.

Marriage, Relationships, and Family Law:

  • Expert opinions on cross-border marriages, child custody, divorce, and inter-religious marriages,
  • Assessing risks and hardships for couples or individuals based on their relationships in different countries.

Healthcare, Social Welfare, and Age-Related Concerns:

  • Expert opinions on medical treatments, access to healthcare, and quality of life in India,
  • Assessing elderly care facilities, social stigma, and the status of elderly individuals in India.

Legal Documentation and Citizenship Issues:

  • Expert reports on the validity and authenticity of documents issued by Indian authorities,
  • Assessing situations where Indian nationality was stripped or compromised due to various circumstances.

Internal Relocation and State Protection:

  • Evaluating the chances of successful internal relocation within India based on threats faced by individuals being considered for return to India,
  • Assessing the sufficiency of state protection available to individuals in different scenarios.

Specific Ethnic or Religious Group Issues:

  • Focus on specific communities like Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and their treatment, especially in interfaith marriages or conversions.

International Relations and Legal Compliance:

  • Work and collaboration with various foreign missions and embassies in New Delhi.
  • Compliance-related opinions for international agreements or MoUs involving Indian states.

Verification and Investigation Work:

  • Ground investigation and verification of claims made by individuals seeking asylum or facing legal issues.


Article on “Relevance of Mirror Orders in Indian law” published in the February 2003 issue of the Family Advocate, a journal published by the Family law section of the New Zealand law Society.

Article on “Opening of the Indian legal services sector” in the IBA newsletter for October 2012 published by the International Bar Association.

Article on “An Indian Law firm with a unique service- Investigation services and their need for doing business in India’ in the Kojima Law Journal, Tokyo, Japan published in June 2017.

Article on “Religious conversions in India- A threat to Article 25 of the Indian Constitution?” published on The Law and Practice blog ( 25/) in March 2018.

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Article on “Treatment of Indian nationals whose asylum applications/appeals are rejected and are forced to return to India,” ( published in the August 2022 edition of the Expert Witness Journal.


Mr Puri has good availability to undertake medicolegal work. He is able to undertake video link assessments and can produce a report 14 working days following the assessment or instruction.

Qualifications & Professional memberships


  • LL.M., November 2001
  • LL.B., July 1999
  • B.A. with Honors in English, July 1996


  • Member, Expert Immigration Network (EIN- ILPA’s forum for experts),
  • Member, AMERA International,
  • Member, Expert Witness Institute and the Expert Witness Portal,
  • Member, JS Publications, Newmarket, UK,
  • Member, Reunite International, United Kingdom,
  • Member, Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association,
  • Member, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi,
  • Former member, Association of British Scholars, Chandigarh Chapter,
  • Former member, The Indus Entrepreneurs, TIE-Chandigarh Chapter,
  • Former member, Department of Laws Moot Society, Panjab University, Chandigarh,
  • Former Member, Associated Lawyers, Paris, France,
  • Former member, Student Exchange with the European Law Students Association, Stockholm, and
  • Former member, International Referral Network, United Kingdom.

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