Mr Vincent Kika

Consultant in Emergency Medicine & Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Dr Vincent Kika

Mr Kika is an experienced consultant in emergency medicine(A&E) who provides expert evidence in clinical civil proceedings in relation to clinical negligence disputes.

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Mr. Kika is currently in medical practice and takes a keen and active interest in clinical governance, quality of care delivered to patients, patient safety, and fairness for people affected by medical accidents. He has a combined Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

Mr. Kika is also qualified as a Solicitor and a key part of Mr. Kika’s role as a solicitor is in the assessment of clinical negligence cases and determination of issues of breach of duty and causation. His ongoing experience in managing and treating patients presenting with a diverse range of conditions to emergency departments and across the clinical specialties makes him uniquely qualified to undertake an in-depth risk assessment of clinical negligence cases and the determination of meritorious cases. Therefore, he is well placed and distinctively qualified to provide excellent clinical negligence expert reports.

Experience of giving evidence

He has vast experience in giving evidence in coroners court and civil courts

Cases undertaken

He has undertaken numerous clinical negligence cases in relation to negligent treatments afforded to emergency medicine patients who have suffered medical accidents.

Specialist assessments offered

Mr. Kika only provides breach of duty and causation medical reports and currently does not offer specialist clinical assessments or provide condition and prognosis reports.




He is available to provide expert reports on all clinical negligence matters in relation to emergency medicine.

Qualifications and memberships

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

MBBS; FRCS; FCEM; LLB (Hons), PgDip Legal practice

Member of British medical association, General medical council, medical protection society, Law society

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