Mr Waheed Ahmad

Country of Origin Expert

Waheed Ahmad

Waheed Ahmad is a Human Rights Lawyer from Pakistan who currently is an Advisory Committee Member at The National Commission of Human Rights Pakistan. He has worked as an Appellate Court Attorney for the past 22 years and defended more than a thousand clients (juveniles, women, and minorities including the LGBT community) most of them deprived of their fundamental human rights. He has been invited to over thirty-three countries to deliver lectures and speeches on the finite matters of Pakistan’s politics and Legal system.

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As the former Legal Aid Commissioner for the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the current Chairman Child Protection committee of the Lahore  Bar Association, he believes that his experience in this field will greatly benefit his clients.

Experience of giving evidence

Mr Waheed Ahmad is an experienced expert witness., Mr Ahmad has prepared more than 200 expert reports for more than 500 firms based in Australia, Holland, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


Languages spoken

  • Urdu – Fluent
  • Punjabi – Fluent
  • English – Fluent

Cases undertaken

In his almost 2 decades of work as an Advocate, he has gained expertise in the following fields:

  • Divorce, Child Custody, Maintenance & Other Family Laws
  • Extremist and violent groups, including religious groups
  • Human rights violations
  • Women issues: honour killing, Domestic violence
  • Child trafficking
  • Minority and religious groups
  • LGBT Community
  • Availability of medical services etc.

Specialist assessments offered

His professional assistance is offered as a legal expert for authenticity and verification of documents, expert reports for courts and the police, social services, law firms, and private individuals, and Legal advice/ Legal representation in Pakistan for the area mentioned above. He speaks English, Urdu, and Punjabi.


  • Article: “Women Rights and Improvement of Condition of Rural Women “published in “Women Work & Health Book of Abstracts “during III International Congress in Stockholm 2002
  • Article: “We should respect Human Rights and Dignity of Affected of HIV/AIDS” published in Magazine BAR & BENCH 2004
  • Article: “Women Trafficking on the Rise in South Asia” published in Magazine BAR & BENCH 2004


Mr. Waheed Ahmad is prompt and ready to take instructions on all services he offers as an expert witness. He is regularly instructed to provide expert evidence and ensures good turnaround times. Mr. Waheed is able to provide initial assessment of cases and Legal documents and is able to use his language skills or the skills of his professional linguist’s team to interview the clients when there is a need to extrapolate further information for the completion of the expert evidence.

Qualifications and memberships


Master’s in political science           

Bachelor’s in law (LLB)                                          

Bachelors in Arts (Major: Sociology & Political Science)

Professional memberships

Life Member Lahore Bar Association

Life Member Lahore High Court Bar Association

Member Lahore Tax Bar Association

Legal Advisor: Hindu (Minority) Sudhar Sabha.

Transgender Community – Khawaja Sira Society ®.

Vivere NGO, Switzerland.

Sanjog Pakistan

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