Ms Alice Bremner-Smith

Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon


Ms Alice Bremner-Smith is a highly experienced Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon who provides expert evidence in personal injury and negligence cases involving the hand and wrist.

Instructing Ms Alice Bremner-Smith

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Ms Bremner-Smith’s practice covers the whole spectrum of adult Hand and Wrist conditions (both plastic and orthopaedic cases). Ms Bremner-Smith works at the Regional Hand and Wrist Unit, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust, where she has been a Consultant for 20 years and Lead Clinician for 3 years.

Ms Bremner-Smith is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, a trainer and examiner for the British Diploma of Hand Surgery, a member of the British Hand Society National audit committee and an active member of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand. She was the principal investigator for both the DISC and Hands-2 national trial for Dupuytrens Disease of the hand.

Ms Bremner-Smith completed her surgical training in Orthopaedics in Bristol, and then gained specialist international experience in Plastic and Orthopaedic Hand Surgery working at the Institut de la Main (Paris) and the Royal North Shore Hand Unit (Sydney, Australia). She was awarded the Pulvertaft Fellowship and trained further with national leaders Mr David Evans at The Windsor Hand Clinic, Professor Rolfe Birch at the Peripheral Nerve Unit, Stanmore, and Mr Peter Burge at the Oxford Hand and Wrist Unit.

Experience of giving evidence

Ms Bremner-Smith has been preparing medical reports for 16 years. She has prepared more than 500 reports.

An approximate breakdown of her instructions is 70% claimant, 30% defendant, personal inury 80%, negligence 20%.

Ms Bremner-Smith has extensive experience of telephone and face to face conferences with solicitors and barristers. Ms Bremner-Smith has never, as yet, needed to attend court having prepared numerous joint statements to conclude cases.

Cases undertaken

  • Personal injury cases
  • Clinical negligence cases


Languages spoken

  • English – fluent


Hand/Upper Limb

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Ms Bremner-Smith dedicates 1 day per week for medicolegal work. She is available for face to face assessment and video assessments.  She is not available to assess persons in their own home. She cannot travel to the person being assessed. She is able to turnaround a report within 14 working days following interview and receipt of all relevant medical records and imaging. She does not undertake assessments within a prison setting.

Qualifications and memberships


  • BSc (Honours) Biochemistry
  • MB BCh (Medical degree)
  • Primary FRCS (England)
  • Primary FRCS (Edinburgh)
  • FRCS  (England and Edinburgh)
  • A.T.L.S qualification
  • Intercollegiate Specialty Examination Trauma/Orthopaedics
  • Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training
  • Examiner British Diploma of Hand Surgery
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer Imperial College London


  • Member British Society for Surgery of the Hand
  • British Hand Society National Audit Committee

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