Ms Benedicta Osejindu

Independent Social Worker

Benedicta Osejindu

Benedicta Osejindu is a highly skilled, conscientious social worker with extensive experience in child protection social work. Her experience within statutory long term child protection teams has enabled her to develop specialism in providing high quality reports within statutory court proceedings and private law proceedings.

Instructing Ms Benedicta Osejindu

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Ms Osejindu’s experience is rooted in a combination of working with vulnerable children, young people and their families across both social work voluntary services and the education sector. In all cases implementing statutory knowledge and duties where required. Ms Osejindu has excellent observation, listening and leadership skills and can communicate effectively with others, appreciating social, cultural, religious and ethnic differences. Ms Osejindu is able to initiate ideas and work co-operatively within a team; build and sustain professional relationships with colleagues, service users, agencies and other professionals. In addition to this, she is a confident working autonomously and am able to implement social work knowledge to any given situation or task whilst acutely aware of my limitations and when to seek assistance.

Ms Osejindu is skilled in giving rigorous evidence within proceedings and is able to utilise a range of resources to ascertain the voice of the child and provide assessments of parents and care givers.

Ms Osejindu has worked within child and families statutory social work teams since 2015. She has a significant history of non-statutory experience working with children and their families in a number of establishments. Ms Osejindu has practiced as a Social Worker, Senior Practitioner and manager across several local authorities.

Experience of giving evidence

Ms Osejindu has substantial experience giving evidence to the family courts within private and public law proceedings.


Languages spoken

  • English – Fluent

Cases undertaken

Ms Osejindu has a wealth of experience undertaking assessments to inform the Public Law Outline process including Pre-Proceedings, care proceedings, permanence planning and adoption. I am equally as knowledgeable in private law proceedings. She is skilled in undertaking assessments where there are issues such as parental acrimony, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, parental substance misuse, domestic abuse, parental mental health difficulties and adoption breakdown are factors of concern.

Specialist assessments offered

  • Parental Orders
  • S7 /S37 reports
  • Parenting assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Domestic abuse assessments
  • Parenting assessments
  • Sibling/ Together or apart assessments
  • Contact assessments


If required, Ms Benedicta Osejindu is available to do assessments within constrained periods, at short notice and with minimal notice.

Qualifications and memberships


  • BA Psychology and Education
  • MA in social work
  • Practice Educator Professional Standards- Teaching and Enabling others (PEPS1)

Professional memberships:

  • Social Work England – Active Membership

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