Ms Nazifa Haqpal

Independent Researcher and Country of Origin Expert

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Ms Nazifa Haqpal is an experienced independent political and socio-legal analyst and researcher who provide expert witness services including country of origin and documents authentication for clients from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Instructing Ms Nazifa Haqpal

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Nazifa Haqpal specialise in socio-legal issues related to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nazifa has received her primary and secondary education from Pakistan and studied university and worked in Afghanistan. She is a former Afghan diplomat who worked as a head of Consulate department as well as head of Human Rights/women’s rights Desk at Afghanistan embassy in London.

She has extensive knowledge of Afghanistan political and socio-culture issues as in addition to her work experience with Afghan government she also worked with international organisation e.g., UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan), ActionAid International.  She obtained her BA in law and political science faculty from Kabul university and a master’s degree in International Security and Diplomacy from University of East Anglia -United Kingdom.

Experience of giving evidence

Nazifa Haqpal is an experienced expert witness in immigration, asylum, human rights, civil and family rights as well as domestic violence related maters for clients and appellants coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan. She is given evidence and written expert reports on numerous cases.

Cases undertaken

Nazifa Haqpal has experience in providing country of origin report and analyses, She also provides documents authentication reports on various legal proceedings for clients in the UK and EU. She is mostly instructed in following cases:

  • Afghanistan legal and judicial system
  • Socio-culture norms
  • Tribal dynamic,
  • Jirga Decisions (informal justice and Taliban courts) including Pashtunwali
  • Blood Feuds
  • Internal Relocation including Risk on return
  • Disputed nationality cases and expert of distinguishing Pashto and Dari dialects from other spoken languages of Iran and Pakistan,
  • Education and legal document (Tazkira, marriage certificate and other legal documents) verification and authentication
  • Fact-finding matters conducted in Afghanistan
  • Human Rights, including women
  • Ethnic and religious minorities rights
  • LGBT Issues
  • Family law, forced marriages, Islamic marriages, divorce, alimony, custody of children including
  • Domestic and gender based violence including sexual assault, honour killing and rape cases
  • Language Assessment for Determining Origin
  • Linguistic Reports
  • Health facilities and services
  • Mental Health including PTSD
  • Prison conditions assessment
  • Documents translation matters


Nazifa Haqpal is a responsive to all call country expert and document authentication requests. She is regularly instructed to provide expert advice evidence and ensures good response times. She currently dedicates her working week to consultancy services and she is able to review documents including preliminary assessments and reasons for refusal claims, as well as conduct interview with clients for accurate and precise analysis.

Qualifications & Professional memberships


  • BA in law and political science from Kabul university
  • Diploma in International Relations from Diplomacy Institute
  • MA in International Security and Diplomacy
  • PhD Candidate in law at SOAS university London


  • Academy of Expert
  • National Handwriting Association
  • The Afghanistan Society
  • Afghan Women Support Forum (AWSF)


  • The Impact of Legal Pluralism on the Role and Status of Afghanistan’s Judiciary (2001-2020)
  • How an Unbiased and Well-functioning Justice System can Promote Peace in Afghanistan?
  • Afghanistan’s Contemporary Foreign policy and Cultural Diplomacy: Engaging Diaspora Community
  • Securing Human Rights of Women through Legal Reform: A Case Study of Violence against women initiatives in Post-2001 Afghanistan
  • Written and published article on Afghan women’s role in peace negotiation in BBC Pashto


  • Speaker of “Women, Violence and Law in Afghanistan: Legal Reform and Continues in times of armed conflict and liberal ‘peacebuilding (2001-2021)” – Cendre for Colonialism, Empire and International Law, SOAS University
  • Speaker of “Feminist Leadership in Disarmament” Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS University
  • speaker in Webinar “The Future of Women, Peace, and Security in Afghanistan”,  LSE (London School of Economic)  WPS (Women Peace and Security) Centre
  • Speaker of   “ Prospect for Women’s/Human Rights under the Taliban”,  The Democracy Forum
  • Speaker of  “Afghanistan: Civilians, Refugees & Security” webinar by UK Houses of Parliament

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