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How we work

Expert Court Reports Ltd works as an expert witness agency.  We undertake the marketing and the administration to ensure a good flow of instructions for our experts.  We provide each expert with their own profile page on our website, including a professionally taken headshot.  The cost of the headshot met by Expert Court Reports Ltd.

Our office

Our office is staffed full time throughout the week, and we have the backup of a call centre to manage calls if our phone lines are occupied.  This means that the instructing parties receive a prompt and comprehensive service.  It also ensures that we maintain high standards of communication.

Case management

We use a helpful caseload management system to help experts keep track of their reports.  When a new case is assigned to you, it will be placed on your caseload board.  You will be able to access this via a web browser.  There, you will see details of the subject name, the instructing party, the provisional interview date, confirmed interview date, and the deadline etc.

We chose the system because it supports automated reminders.  We will set reminders when your report is due and when your interview is due.  There is flexibility to set the automated prompts to come at different times although by default, we prompt you three days before your interview/assessment/examination is due to take place and three days before your report is due for submission.  You can also download the app for the caseload management system so that you get prompts to your smart phone.  This is a helpful way of viewing your active caseload to help you to meet deadlines and for the timely delivery of reports.

Assessment venues

Most of our healthcare experts (including GP, medical, dental, surgical experts) who need access to clinical equipment/settings will assess, interview, or examine the person for whom the report is being prepared at their own clinic.  Not all experts are able or are willing to travel; we understand this and will discuss what your preference is if you decide to join us.

Some experts (such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and speech and language therapists) are more used to undertaking assessments in solicitors’ offices, prisons, hospitals etc.  Experts may also choose to assess the person in their own clinics.  However, in some exceptional cases, we must source an alternative office, and, in that situation, the cost of the room is borne by the expert.  In these rare examples, we usually book an office through Regus which commonly comes out at about £50 for the two hours.  Of course, we would not book anything on your behalf unless we had this conversation with you.

Your instructions

When we receive an enquiry, we match the enquiry to potential experts by email.  If an expert is interested in accepting the instruction, we would send their CV to the instructing party for consideration.  We would not circulate your CV unless you wished to put your name forward.

We understand how important clear instructions are in your role as an expert witness.  If you have any concerns about instructions you receive, please inform us at the earliest opportunity so that we may liaise with the instructing party on your behalf.

Completing a report

We use a template for all reports provided by Expert Court Reports to maintain consistency.  We would ask that you to use this template although if there are other subheadings etc which you find helpful, you are of course free to insert or change these.  Once a report is completed, we would send the report out on your behalf.  Our fee split does not include provision for typing.  This is one of the reasons why our feet split is considerably cheaper, although we hope you will find that our fee split is still very competitive.

How we pay our experts

Experts invoice Expert Court Reports for their work after we provide a purchase order (for the amount after Expert Court Reports Ltd deducts its fee).  We do not believe in being mercenary with the cut that we take; therefore, we take considerably less than other agencies (which commonly take between 40 and 50%, or in some cases they do not divulge how much money they are taking).  Our expectation is that we will take 20% of the fee.

Quality and peer review

We have a peer review function embedded in our service so that the quality of our reports can be assured.  This allows us to market ourselves as an agency which is run by experts and has peer review for quality assurance.

Next steps
  1. We will consider your CV and if your application is successful, we will send you our consultancy agreement and privacy statement for your signature.
  2. Once in place, we will arrange for your corporate headshot and we will create your professional profile for our website.  You will see from our website that our experts’ profiles are structured very much like a simplified CV.  This is important for search engine optimisation and to give confidence to the instructing party.  We have our website professionally managed and we can update it with immediate effect.  Therefore, as your experience grows or your exposure to different cases expands, we can update your profile page for you.  Similarly, if you have any new publications, we can add those as they go live.  This ensures that the web content is relevant, timely and comprehensive.
  3. We post new blog content every month.  Our web design agency is keen for experts to contribute to these by being interviewed by our team so that we can post content which showcases your own style, approach, and experience.  This will encourage further work to come your way.  We are receiving increasing numbers of instructions.  This is partly due to our marketing strategy and our satisfaction rate with our existing client base.

For more information about we handle your data, please view out privacy notice.