Parole Board & Prison Law Reports

We provide expert witnesses and court reports

Our experts are experienced in forensic mental health and mental health care in secure and custodial settings

We can provide experts who have direct experience of working in prisons and other criminal justice environments. We have experience of preparing reports in prison law proceedings such as judicial reviews of decisions taken in the psychiatric management of mentally disordered prisoners, claims of discrimination and personal injury claims in prisoners who have been the victim of an assault.

Prison Law Reports

Our experts are often called upon to prepare reports to the Parole Board and our experts have experience of giving evidence at oral hearings. Risk assessment and risk management are core skills for forensic mental health practitioners. Forensic psychiatrists and psychologists have direct experience of managing risk in the mentally disordered offender population and these skills are readily transferable to the assessment of prisoners before the Parole Board. Our experts are practising clinicians and have up-to-date knowledge of Parole Board processes and are vigilant to developments following the highly publicised case of John Warboys.

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