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We have experts in a wide range of specialties who are experienced in giving evidence in cases of clinical negligence and personal injury.

Clinical negligence occurs when medical professionals make mistakes or fail in their duty of care, leading to injury or making an existing condition worse. There are many ways in which this can happen, such as misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or surgical mistakes.

If your client has suffered as a result of personal injury or clinical negligence, expert court reports can help. Our experienced panel of experts can provide considered and thorough evidence to help provide the answers and context necessary to the case. Our panel are equally expert in giving evidence on behalf of defendants and claimants.

Expert evidence is important in cases of personal injury to assess the nature and severity of the injuries suffered and therefore help the court to quantify the potential damages. Although demonstrating causation is a matter for the court to decide, expert evidence can also assist the court in this matter by giving evidence on whether the injury is likely to be attributable to the index event (e.g. a road traffic accident), or whether it would have occurred regardless of the index event. By aiding the court in quantifying the extent of the injuries and potential causation, expert evidence can therefore be important when deciding on quantum.

In a similar manner to personal injury cases, experts can aid the court in cases of clinical negligence to understand the nature and degree of the consequences caused by the alleged negligence or error. This can occur in a wide variety of settings and therefore the experience and specialism of the expert instructed should be chosen carefully.

Personal Injury Experts

What issues do our experts typically address?

Different experts will address different issues and it is important that you identify the right expert for the case. We can provide expert witnesses in a wide range of specialties with extensive experience in giving evidence in cases of clinical negligence and personal injury.

Cases of personal injury may include, but are not limited to, those caused by road traffic accidents and other accidental injury, medical error, occupational damages such as industrial accidents and employment stress and psychiatric consequences of trauma such as in the context of historic sexual abuse.

Experts instructed in clinical negligence cases may have specialism relevant to the injuries sustained or may be specialist in the specific medical area where the negligence has occurred. Injuries and negligence can occur in any clinical specialty and therefore many of the experts on our panel may be relevant to a particular case, however a few specific examples include:

An expert in obstetrics and gynaecology may be instructed in cases of chronic pelvic pain caused by gynaecological negligence (such as surgical injury). They may also be consulted in cases of life changing birth injuries, such as hypoxic injury during birth. Midwives may be instructed in cases of unexplained stillbirth and birth injuries.

Our dental experts are often required to provide expert evidence in cases of dental negligence, for example where harm has been caused by misdiagnosis.

Orthopaedic surgery experts are commonly instructed in cases of personal injury caused by accidents, such as in the case of spinal injury in road traffic collisions. They may also be instructed in cases where there is injury caused by assault (e.g. fractures), and in cases of clinical negligence specific to the orthopaedic field such as missed hip fractures causing long-term harm.

Our psychiatrists and psychologists are often instructed to give expert evidence on the repercussions of an injury or accident to an individual’s mental health. This can include an opinion on whether the person has developed a recognised mental disorder such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, and what treatment would be recommended in such a case.

Other experts with diverse experience in cases of medical negligence and personal injury include general practitioners and emergency physicians, who will often be the first point of contact following an injury.

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