Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury Experts

We provide expert witnesses and court reports

Personal injury experts such as Psychiatrists and psychologists are often called on to give evidence.

Expert evidence is important in establishing psychiatric injuries and to enable the court to quantify the injuries suffered. Although it is a matter for the court to decide, expert evidence can assist in demonstrating causation; is the injury attributable to the index event, e.g the accident, or is there a pre-existing psychiatric disorder or one that would have occurred regardless of the index event? Evidence may also be required to enable parties to agree, or the court to decide on quantum.

Personal Injury Experts

We can provide expert witnesses to consider cases of personal injury caused by road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, historical sexual abuse, employment stress and clinical negligence. Specifically, we can provide an expert opinion in claims of negligent psychiatric care, birth injuries (both mother and baby), delayed diagnosis, hospital neglect, misdiagnosis and failure to remedy, never events and surgical errors.

We pride ourselves on providing experienced and responsive experts, experts who are considered and thorough in their approach.

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