Urological Surgery

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What is a urological surgery expert witness?

A urological surgeon is a specialist doctor who focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions and diseases related to the urinary tract system and male reproductive organs. This includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethras, prostate, penis, and testicles. 

Common conditions treated by a urological surgeon include kidney stones and tumours, infection anywhere in the urinary tract system, prostate obstruction and cancer, urethral strictures, cancer of the male reproductive organs and male infertility. 

How specialist is a urological surgery expert?

All urological surgeons undergo five years of medical school training before completing two foundation years as a junior doctor. They then apply to begin specialist training in urological surgery, which takes a minimum of seven years. 

Urological surgeons may subspecialise in the following areas:

  • Endourology (prostate, bladder and kidney conditions, including kidney stones, benign prostatic enlargement and small bladder tumours)
  • Urological oncology 
  • Andrology (male fertility and sexual health)
  • Female and reconstructive urology 
  • Paediatric urology
Urological Surgery

Why might you need to instruct an urological surgery expert witness?

An expert in urological surgery may be instructed for an expert opinion in any case where there is disease or injury to the urinary tract or male reproductive organs. 

As with any area of medicine or surgery, things can go wrong, and often expert witnesses in urological surgery are instructed in cases of clinical negligence and personal injury. Common reasons for involving a urological surgeon expert witness in a personal injury or clinical negligence claim including failure to diagnose cancer and organ injury or perforation during surgery. 

A recent example of urological evidence being required to assist the court in such a claim is a woman in her late 30s who underwent routine surgery for ovarian cyst removal. She was informed following the surgery that it had been uncomplicated. However, she was admitted to A+E a few days following this with severe abdominal pain. It was discovered on CT scan that she had two large abscesses in the pelvis, signs of infection in the abdomen, a swollen kidney filled with urine, and both lungs partially collapsed.

The abscesses were drained which confirmed the fluid build-up was urine. This indicated that a ureter had been damaged during the surgery. It was found to have been completely cut through the middle and the patient needed further surgery to reconnect the ureter to the bladder. She was left with long term complications such as incontinence, pain and scarring, and made a successful claim for clinical negligence. 

Other incidences where a urological surgery expert may be instructed include:

  • Bladder injuries
  • Testicular injury
  • Renal and ureteric trauma
  • Urological consequences of spinal cord injury 
  • Missed Torsion
  • Vasectomy
  • Reversal of vasectomy 
  • Circumcision problems
  • Cauda equina syndrome.
  • Pelvic fracture urethral injuries 
  • Urethral catheter related injuries
  • Post road traffic collision problems 
  • Incontinence and Incontinence surgery
  • Benign prostate surgery complications

What experts does Expert Court Reports have?

We have a highly experienced and well-respected urological surgery expert witness on our panel, Mr Nadir Osman. Mr Osman is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Mr Osman’s areas of specialist expertise are in the treatment of urethral strictures, complex incontinence, urinary fistula, refractory bladder problems and urinary tract injuries arising from trauma or surgery. He has a specialist interest in urinary tract reconstruction.

Mr Nadir Osman has a longstanding interest in the medico-legal issues in urology. He has undergone training in medico-legal report writing and published the first national analysis of urological litigation in the UK (Osman NI, Collins GN. Urological litigation in the UK National Health Service (NHS): an analysis of 14 years of successful claims. BJU Int 2011;108:162-5).

Why use Expert Court Reports?

A good urological surgery expert witness should come with years of clinical experience as well as specific competencies to act as an expert witness.

Look for someone who has established expert witness experience. Our urological surgery expert Mr Nadir Osman has many years of clinical practice and established experience of acting as expert witnesses.  

How quickly can you provide a report?

At Expert Court Reports Ltd, we understand the pressures of the legal profession. We recognise that litigation is subject to defined timescales, and for this reason, we will be as flexible and accommodating as we are able to be. However, we pride ourselves on not promising work that cannot be reliably delivered within a given timescale.

The quality of the evidence which is provided by our experts is subject to review and scrutiny.  All expert reports are subject to a detailed and robust proofreading process to ensure that our expert evidence is accurate and expertly formatted.

Instructing an expert witness

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